Our students at work!

Our students at work!

Monday, September 12, 2016

KAA Classes 2016/17

We are all set for a new year of KAA classes, in our great new studio space at 219 Augusta Ave.

There will be an open house and registration session on Thursday October 6th, from 4-5:30. If you are interested in taking our classes be sure to come to the studio for this, at any time between 4 and 5:30 to register.

Our first grade 7/8 and high school classes will be on Thursday October 13th. Our first mentorship class will be on Tuesday October 18th.
Please find the full schedule below.
FALL SEMESTER: (October 16th- December 22)
Mentorship Class (for 19-29 year olds)- Tuesdays from 12:15-2:15, taught by Sara Sniderhan
High School Class- Thursdays from 4-6pm, taught by Sara Sniderhan
Grade 7/8 Class- Thursdays from 4-5:30pm, taught by Amelia Stea-MacLaurin

WINTER SEMESTER: (January 9th- June16th)
Mentorship Class- Mondays from 12:15- 2:15, taught by Sara Sniderhan
High School Class- Fridays from 4-6, taught by Sara Sniderhan
Grade 7/8 Class- Fridays from 4-5:30pm, taught by Amelia Stea-MacLaurin

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 year end exhibition!

Please join us at Ingram Gallery, 24 Hazelton Avenue, on June 24th, from 5-7pm to view and celebrate works by the amazing 2014/15 students of the Kensington Art Academy.

Our second year of the Kensington Art Academy was filled to the brim with new and returning students. Students in our grade 7/8 and high school classes developed their drawing, painting and design skills, while they worked with watercolour, charcoal, pencil, acrylic, pastel, ink and oil paint. Some of our students worked on portfolios for application to secondary and post secondary art programs. All of our students who applied to arts based programs this year were accepted!

New this year, Kensington Art Academy offered an 8 week mentorship program, for young artists, ages 18-30. This pilot program was designed to foster hard art skills and the opportunity to critically analyze how drawing and painting exercises can be taught in a community setting. We looked at the challenges and strategies required to teach art fundamentals to youth at risk. Next year, we hope to see the mentorship program become a full time, weekly class at KAA and include hands on teaching opportunities as well as grant writing and fundraising classes.

Our students will be present at their year end exhibition reception, in Ingram Gallery's beautiful new space. We'd be delighted to share this year's successes with you.

To donate to the Kensington Art Academy simply follow this link
You don't have to choose what program your donation should support- the form is only for KAA contributions.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Year End Show!

Our students at KAA are working hard on pieces for their upcoming exhibition at Ingram Gallery, on June 4th and 5th. Please join us at the gallery for our show opening, to celebrate our amazing students and their incredible work on June 4th, from 4- 7pm.

Friday, December 6, 2013

KAA Holiday Drive

Are you looking for a meaningful Christmas gift and believe that art instruction should be accessible to all youth? Art enriches our lives in immeasurable ways and at KAA we believe that providing at-risk youth with access to professional artists, free classes and materials, the opportunity to exhibit in a gallery and develop their portfolios is invaluable.

This Christmas season we are doing a Holiday drive in order to raise money to continue our program in the new year. We hope that you will consider supporting KAA by gifting a donation to someone on your list. You can make a secure donation through St.Stephen's Community House here.

When you are filling out the donation form choose In honour under Donation Type and you will be emailed a KAA holiday certificate to print out. Skip the option to choose a destination for your donation- it will go directly to the  Kensington Art Academy. Once you have filled out the details on that page you will continue onto Tribute details. The KAA certificate is the only card available- however you must choose one of the occasion options (doesn't matter which one) as this field is obligatory. After you have made your donation you will also be emailed a charitable tax receipt.

Best wishes for a peaceful holiday season

Monday, December 2, 2013

Welcome to KAA!

Chloe painting in our first oil workshop

Drawing a portrait from life in our space at St.Stephen's Community House

Artwork by Adam (high school student) and Patty (grade 8)

After a very successful pilot project last year, funded by the Lawrence Family Foundation and the Toronto Arts Council, we have embarked on our first full year of classes at the Kensington Art Academy. Currently we offer a class on Tuesdays, from 4-6pm for high school students and a class on Thursdays, from 4- 5:30 pm, for grade 7/8 students. We have space in both classes for a few new students.
Our classes are taught by professional artists Sara SniderhanJulia Breckenreid and Peter Mitchell.
Our amazing community partner is St.Stephen's Community House and you can find us on their website